Italy vacation in July/August 2015

Sankt Magdalena

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Tour Description

Our Vacation in Italy with our car in July / August 2015.

Day 1:  Mon, 20.07.15

Zurich - St. Moritz (CH)

We left home late, at 2:30 pm. First stop at the highway restaurant above lake Walensee after one hour of driving. Our first photos are from there.

The next short photo stop was at Lake Champferer near Silverplana.

We arrived in the guesthouse Casa Franco of the hotel Sonne in St. Moritz around 7 pm. - After the end of our vacation, we concluded that this hotel was not only the most expansive (240 CHF per night and room) of our tour, it was also the worst. - We closed the day with a walk through the town St. Moritz and along the lake.

Day 2:  Tue, 21.07.15

St. Moritz (CH) - Graun in Vinschgau (IT) - Santa Maria in Münstertal

Sightseeing in St. Moritz, then departure at lunchtime. We passed the streets No. 27 and 28, directing us through the great landscapes of the Swiss national park. We made a photo stop at the river Ova dal Fuorn.

After, we stopped on the Ofen Pass (Pass dal Fuorn) at 2149 m.

We passed Münster as the last village in Switzerland. Then, we took the streets no. SS41 and SS40 in Italy. The next photo stop was short before we arrived in St. Valentino respective at Lake Haider at 2:10 pm.

Then, we took lunch in Pension Theiner (Graun in Vinschgau).

Finally, a short side trip to Lake Reschen (Lago di Rèsia). Interesting to see is the flooded church of Old Graun.

We turned back after this, taking street no. SS40 into southern direction. We made a photo stop at Lake Haider again. We went on back to Switzerland, until Santa Maria in Münstertal.

[t.b.d.! - G. Maps berechnet nachfolgende Strecken wegen der Wintersperre aktuell nicht:
Santa Maria in Münstertal - Umbrail Pass - Stelvio Pass - Franzenshöhe - Trafoi

We passed an amazing mountain street and arrived at Umbrail Pass at 5:10 pm. This is in a height of 2503 m. Hence, we were back in Italy.

We took a break on Stelvio Pass (Passo Stelvio, 2760 m) at 5:35 pm and enjoyed the fantastic mountain landscape.

Now, it went downwards in zigzag. Our next photo stop was at Franzenshöhe (2188 m) and one more in Trafoi (1570 m) at 6:35 pm.

Prad at Stilfserjoch - Ruffré TN / Villini dell' Alpe

After this, our tour went to Ruffre near Bozen to the hotel, that we reached after 30 minutes of searching at 10 pm. It surprised us that the hotel Il Garnì BiancaNeve was not direct in Ruffre but in Villini dell' Alpe! Conclusivly we needed to ask people regardless our GPS!

We finished this exciting day taking dinner in Hotel Roen in Ruffre and then we went back to our small hotel.

Day 3:  Wed, 22.07.15

Villini dell' Alpe - Karer Pass - Vigo de Fassa - Canazei - Sella Pass - Karer Pass -
Klausen - Brixen - Sankt Magdalena - Plose - back to Villini dell' Alpe

Departure from hotel in the late morning. A short photo stop on the Karer Pass (Passo di Costalunga) at 12 am and then we drove to Vigo di Fasso and Canazei.

There, we had a problem with the GPS and our tour plan: We did neither find Sella Pass nor Sankt Ulrich in GPS and the GPS sent us back for the way to Bozen! Also, entering Brixen and other alternative intermediate destinations did not help. Annoying! - Enforcedly, we drove back again over Karer Pass and then using the SS12 in Brixen direction.

We took late lunch in the restaurant Der Rierhof in Klausen at 2:20 pm. After only further 15 minutes of driving, we finally reached our stage destination Sankt Magdalena at 3:15 pm where we walked to the chapel. There is a stunning view to the Dolomites!

Turning back and journey continuation to Plose. Driving there, we got excellent views to the peaks of the Dolomites. We arrived the Plose parking place at 5:30 pm. There just a little walk into Loge Plose (Plosehütte) direction. Finally, we drove back to the hotel.

Day 4:  Thu, 23.07.15

Villini dell' Alpe - St. Ullrich (Gröden) - Oberrasen - Altholzer See - Toblacher See - Lake Misurina - Passo di Falzarego - Pordoijoch - Terlan

We started this long day tour around 10:30 am. Short photo stops in Gröden at 0:45 pm and in Oberrasen at 2:15 pm, then onward to lake Antholzer See (Lago di Anterselva). We eat in the Tirolerhütte, Antholz Obertal at 3 pm. Afterwards, we undertook a fantastic walk along lake Antholzer See. Stunning landscape, flowers, butterflies!

Then back on the road and a short stop on lake Toblacher See (Lago di Dobbiaco) at 5:30 pm. We arrived on Lake Misurina (Lago di Misurina) at 6:30 pm. Then a break on Falzarego Pass (Passo di Falzarego, 2105 m) at 7 pm.

Finally, we visited the Pordoi Pass (Passo Pordoi 2239 m) at 7:50 pm.

After, our tour guided us directly to the Hotel Kuhn in Terlan. We took the dinner in the pizzeria Zodiaco in Bolzano.

Day 5:  Fri, 24.07.15

Terlan - Barcis - Venice (Mestre)

Departure from the hotel in Terlan (Terlano) at 11:15 am. We spent the whole day in driving to our day destination Venice (Venezia).

In the evening in Venice, we took a ship round tour. Our hotel was the Alla Bianca (Mestre) on the mainland.

Day 6:  Sat, 25.07.15

Venice - Murano - Burano - Torcello - Venice

Trip from Venice to the island Murano. We started late at 2:30 pm and arrived after 30 minutes. We took a late lunch at Murano. After that, sightseeing including shopping of some glas souvenirs. Furthermore, we went to the island Burano where we arrived at 6 pm.

The last island that we visited was the Isola di Torcello which we reached after 20 minutes by ship. Here, we had a tasty dinner in the Ristorante Al Trono di Attila.

The last available ship brought us at 10:20 pm back to Venice. There, we arrived on the other side of the island, at station f.te Nove. It took us nearly 1 hour to reach the bus station although everybody said that it should be 10 to 15 minutes only! Possibly, we did not walk in the optimal direction.

Day 7:  Sun, 26.07.15

In Venice

We started from Venice bus station at 1:30 pm and took a ship until station S. Zaccaria (San Marco). We arrived there at 2:15 pm and explored the environment of Doge's Palace that we visited after.

Then we undertook the obligatory gondola tour. Afterwards, I went up the tower near to the museum San Marco from where is an excellent view all over Venice.

Getting hungry, we ate dinner in Restaurante Pensione Wildner, Castello Venice. Finally, return to the hotel by ship and taxi.

Day 8:  Mon, 27.07.15

Venice - Montagnana - Verona

Verona was the next day destination. Again, we avoided to drive on toll roads, in order to see more from the country. We started in Venice at lunch time und took a late lunch in the Pizzeria Oasi before 2 pm.

On the road again, we stopped in Montagnana. This is a very well worth seeing historical town.

We reached the hotel San Luca in Verona around 5 pm and still found enough power for sightseeing. Finally, we ate dinner in the Trattoria Alla Colonna in Largo Pescheria Vecchia.

Day 9:  Tue, 28.07.15

Verona - Lazise - Stienta - Florence

First we checked out from our hotel and then we explored more of Verona.

Then, we continued our car tour. We took our lunch in the Pizzeria Al Torchio, Lazise after less than an hour of driving. After this, sightseeing in Lazise.

Driving again. A coffee time break in Bagnolo Di Po (RO) at 3:45 pm. Then we passed Stienta and after our tour was along the river Fiume Po, 4:30 pm.

Around 40 km before Florence (Firenze), we made several short photo stops. For instance, we had a great view to the Lago di Bilancino. Arrival in the Hotel Martelli in Florence around 7:45 pm.

Day 10:  Wed, 29.07.15

In Florence

Sightseeing in Florence after the lunch. What an amazing location!

Dinner in the Ricchi di Fattoria il Milione at 6 pm. Back in the Hotel at 9:30 pm.

Day 11:  Thu, 30.07.15

In Florence

Exploring more of Florence. Lunch in the Le Botteghe di Donatello. We went on the Tower Opera per Santa Maria Novella in the evening. We were back in the hotel around 9 pm.

Day 12:  Fri, 31.07.15

Florence - San Gimignano - Siena - Castilglione d'Orca - Rome

We left the hotel in Florence around 11:30 am, back on tour. Our first photo stop was at 0:20 pm. We tried a side trip to San Gimignano at 1 pm. But unfortunately, the place was heavily crowded by too many tourists and no vacant parking place. Hence, we only drove through the town, as the next parking place was quire far and our schedule was tight. - Conclusively, we have just one remote photo from the place.

We took a late lunch in Il Pozzo die Desideri, Loc. SDaygia Senese Poggibonsi(SI). Then we reached Siena at 3:25 pm. This place is also absolutely worth to be visited!

After, we continued our tour at 6 pm and reached Val d'Orcia around 6:45 pm.

We had a short stop in San Quirico d'Orcia at 7:20 pm and arrived in Castiglione d'Orcia at 7:50 pm. The castle was closed already, of course. But, we could still enjoy the great view from the mount to the surrounding valley. There, we took our dinner in the il Cerchio delle Streghe at 9 pm. Continued driving and a tiny stop in Rocca d'Orcia. - At the end, we arrived in the Hotel Clodio in Rome only past 1 am!

Day 13:  Sat, 01.08.15

In Rome

We needed to have a good night's rest in our first day in Rome (Roma), because the previous day was really trying. Hence, we started our sightseeing tour past 4 pm and finished it at 9 pm.

Day 14:  Sun, 02.08.15

In Rome

Rome. We visited the Pantheon. Then, we walked into direction of the Colosseum and visit it also. After, we went back on the Largo di Torre Argentino.

We took a taxi to the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) in the evening. Unfortunately, the fountain was under total reconstruction and hence without water. We continued and went to the Spanish Stairs, we also took our dinner nearby.

Day 15:  Mon, 03.08.15

In the Vatican

We undertook a guided tour through the Vatican which started at 9:30 am. We have seen the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. The visit ended at 2 pm. We took our lunch then.

After this, we relaxed in our hotel because we were absolutely tired and it was incredible hot outside. We had our dinner in the Osteria del Dieciventitrenta.

Day 16:  Tue, 04.08.15

Rome - Cassino - Lettere

We left Rome past 11 pm. On the road again. We took a late lunch in der Pazzia G.&P. Gestioni, Cassino (FR).

Our arrival in the Grand Hotel Le Galassie Lettere was past 10 pm. We found it after one hour of searching as parking place and entrance were at another address than Expedia published for this hotel. We had a late dinner in La Locanda Dell, S' Antonia Abate.

Day 17:  Wed, 05.08.15

Lettere - Pompeji - Lettere

We started around 1:30 pm and arrived in Pompeji after a short 30 minutes drive. There, we took first our lunch. Then we visited the archeological excavations. The old Pompeji is really stunning and also more large than we expected. We wish that it would have been less hot on these days.

After this exciting visit we went back to the hotel. We took our dinner in the La Locanda Dell, S' Antonia Abate in the late evening.

Day 18:  Thu, 06.08.15

Lettere - Herculaneum - Positano - Lettere

We went out of the hotel at 0:30 pm. Our day destination was Herculaneum. We visited the archeological excavations with a good guide, which is highly recommended.

We left Heracelaneum at 5 pm and drove back into the direction of the hotel. But, we undertook a spontaneous side tour to Positano. It was a wonderful tour along the cost and we arrived in Positano at 7:20 pm. Then a tiring walk down to the beach and even more tiring the uphill walk. Still, it was extremely hot. We took our dinner in a higher located restaurant in Positano at 9 pm and returned to the hotel short before midnight.

Day 19:  Fri, 07.08.15

Lettere - Formia - Porto Ercole - Monte Argentario - Pisa

Checkout from the hotel at 11:30 am. The new day destination was Pisa. After a 2.5 hours drive, we ate a tasty lunch in the Pizzeria L'Ancora Specialita Marinare in Formia (LT). Then drive on.

We watched a wonderful sunset in Porto Ercole at 8:23 pm. Close by, we had our dinner in the Restorante La Nuova Posada in Monte Argentario until 10 pm. We reached the Hotel Athena in Pisa only around 0:30 am.

Day 20:  Sat, 08.08.15

Pisa - Tirrenia

It is just a short walking distance from the Hotel Athena to the old town of Pisa. We visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the other historical sights: Cathedral, Baptistery, Camposanto, Museum.

Then, we took a coffee break with view to the Leaning Tower around 4 pm. At the end, we picked up our luggage from the Hotel Athena at 5:40 pm and drove to Tirrenia. There, we had our dinner near to the hotel.

Day 21:  Sun, 09.08.15

Tirrenia - Gotthard Pass - Zurich

We checked out at 10 am. But, the hotel still allowed us to stay in the hotel complex during the day. This was a great opportunity for an extensive bath in the Mediterranean Sea. I got a serious sun burn also.

Finally, we started the tour home at 4 pm. On the way home, we used also the highways in order to save time. Although is was night and raining, we took the Gotthard Pass instead of the Gotthard Tunnel, in order to escape the giant tunnel traffic jam. We arrived home past 11 pm.

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