How to Display & to Access external Images? 

1. Go to the frame above and type a valid URL of an image that you want to verify. You can use Web addresses and local URLs of your computer as well. Please, respect copyrights!
Web example 1: '' Gismo
Web example 2: '' SELFHTML
Local example: 'file://C:/your_path/your_file.gif'
The choosen image will be displayed as a single after you do a mouse klick outside the input item or you press the Enter key. Notice, that it needs certain time to get the image downloaded.

2. Now, you can change settings of the wanted output. At first, you can control the sample text type via radio button. The top choice allows to display a normal sample text, i.e., this usage. But, the second and third choice display text patterns with a given sorted font color sequence. Even, it is feasible to switch off the text when the last choice is selected.

Then, you can set the text font color. However, this entry is valid for the radio button's top choice only. When the entry is emptied in this case, the text color will default to "#B9B996", which is a kind of yellow.

Next, you can set the text span color when the text is not off. But, when the color value is emptied, which is default, the text background will be transparent.

Furthermore, there is the option to set the page background color. This is an issue for images that contain transparent pixels or when even no background image is loaded. The default is set to "#666765"

Please notice, valid color entries are 3 groups of hexadecimal numbers between 00 and FF. Thereby, the 1st two digits are for red, the next for green and the last for the blue part. Use only combinations of '00', '33','66', '99', 'CC' & 'FF' when you might need Web-safe colors.

3. Press the "Show Sample Page" button in order to get the sample page of the selected image.

4. Save the background image of the sample page using browser functionality when you like.


Try animated images together with this tool!

Browser Hints 

The following pages cannot work without JavaScript and are optimized for recent browsers.

Netscape 4.x users and other outdated browsers: The upper frame may show the single image with wrong proportions. Don't save this one. However, the background images of the large sample page is correct. - Furthermore, the text background feature may not work within this page! - Please, replace your antiquated browser!