Seamless Tiles - Made from Photos

This section is very old, still the result from the early days of my site. Hence, it must get completely reworked!
For the moment just use it as is or let it!

This seamless tiles chapter is just a tiny tool. It consists of two main parts whereby both allow to verify and test images that are intended to be used as web page background images or as Windows wallpapers as well.

All possible combinations of "background image - text font color - text span color" can directly be checked at the sample pages. Either a text example or text patterns are displayed. Even, the text can be switched off. In addition, there is the possibility to vary the page background color, which is important for semi-transparent images or when no image is chosen.

1. Check your own seamless Image or Wallpaper here:

* Your own background images within my tile test tool!

2. Petzi's seamless Tiles:

Here, you can access some of my own tiles. They are made for "tiled" Windows screen backgrounds or for seamless background images for Web pages or might be usable for both. Text readability can be improved when they are combined with an appropriate text span color.

Feel free to download the images "as is" for your own usage. They can be used for your private homepages too. But, please contact me in advance if you should intend to use any of them for any kind of commercial purposes.  
Tile Selection
Tour Pre-Selection

Much more seamless tiles will be added and even existing images will be improved. - Hence, revisit please!

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