Logbook of Gerd Petzold's Site

Rel.DateImprovements Enhance the programs tour-portal.php and pg.php for better control of automatic slide shows. Furthermore, make the moor hen pictures available. Make most pics of the following tours from the private site part available to the public: Rigi (Winter), Rapperswil, Singapur New 2008 Rhine Falls tour added. Took out the old pictures. Rearranging the personal photo pages. New Rapperswil tour also there.
3.8.817.05.2008 Just a little cleaning up the public site contents after a long break. Taking out the "IT corner." as I don't find enough time to rework it.
3.8.720.02.2006 Just a link to my new site of Naturnetz Unteramt, which went online Today!
3.8.603.12.2005 Taking out obsoleted external links. / Correcting the start page. / more banners uploaded. / Temporarily "Mauersegler" tour added (hidden).
3.8.527.11.2005 Just minor changes: New rollover effects in the start page. / Two new links to friends' sites. / One more link for the Santorini tour. - But, there will be major major enhancements in December!
3.8.422.10.2005 Just corrections in the "Site Map". - I'm still preparing the new ultra-large tour "Klingnauer Stausee"!
--- 10.07.2005: HW problems without any end? The computer began to show startup problems when cold. Then, the old 120 GB Western Digital PATA got relatively noisy too until warm. Hence, I decided to replace it by a 250 GB Hitachi PATA. I took Ghost images in order to move the Linux and Windows system partitions to the new disk. Set-up the MBR by a Linux dummy installation.
3.8.310.06.2005 Rewriting the "overview.php" tour program in order to supply a flexible flow layout instead of nested HTML tables. However, the Internet Explorer must remain on the old layout as this none-standard aware browser does not support enough CSS, even not all 1.0! Splitting the "Personal Information" into a fun part (currently hidden) and a serious part. A tiny face lifting of the start page including setting a link to my photos at "fotocommunity".
Havy works in the silence preparing an absolutely huge tour about the birds at lake "Klingnauer Stausee" (CH).
--- 30.03.2005: HW problems once more again! Bad sectors and data loss (certain files and directories) in all my original data partitions without error messages when writing or reading! - My computer must be made in hell!
Needed to replace the 250 GB SATA! - At least, my backups may be sufficiant. But there, I have carefully to check for missing files as the problem seamed to start much earlier than I recognized it! This will take me a couple of days! Two new tours: Waxwings (Seidenschwänze) in Switzerland, winter 2004/05 and Bonstetten - Pond (Weiher), both including wallpapers.
--- 05.03.2005: Changing the Email address because of SPAM problems.
--- 26.02.2005: The hardware problems should be solved now. I found a single bad block in my system harddisk using the Linux "badblocks" command. Then, I executed a low-level format and everything is okay now. Also, the "smartctl" command (for testing and reading S.M.A.R.T. atributes) tells me that everything is okay.
--- 20.02.2005: Still the same hardware problems until now! WTF!! - Hence, I replaced the Harddisk that has the damaged partitions. Furthermore, I added one more HD in order to allow quick in-computer-backups and recoveries for all important files, including the Windows and Linux system partitions. - Now, it MUST work or....................
Set-up both OS with a new FS / partion structure. Sorting my data.
--- 12.02.2005: I absolutely hate it: computer problems again. I lost my Linux "/" file system once more, i.e., it says "unknown file system". This time, it happened after a normal Windows shutdown. Later, I got CRC errors at IDE0. Because of my previous experiance, I slightly modified the IDE cabelling again. The unused connector in the middle was closed to a fan, which might have caused bad induction. Hopefully, It's okay now!
3.7.412.02.2005 49 more wallpapers uploaded! 309 different wallpapers are online meanwhile. / More images in the tours Bonstetten - Nature and Bonstetten - Domestic Animals again.
3.7.305.02.2005 30 more images in the "Bonstetten - Nature" tour again. 40 new image pages in the "Bonstetten - Nature" tour.
--- 24.01.2005: All computer problems of the 2nd January week (except the P650 issues) where caused by an unfavourable IDE wiring only! That means, I plugged the HD to the first connector of the IDE cable. The second connector, which is at its end, was unused and the cable end was open therefore. A really bad idea! - But, it has been working for nearly one year upto it caused these heavy trouble!
--- 15.01.2005: Matrox Parhelia, P750, P650 Linux drivers: WTF does Matrox think how can they deal with their customers?? - I bought a Matrox P650 graphics card in March last year (10 months ago) as I thought it might be the best choice for 2D graphics, noiseless and for multi-screen. But, although Matrox assured that the card would support Linux, there is no Linux driver! - Even, the Matrox P650 does nearly not work with VESA Framebuffer Graphics at my system, i.e., only 1280x1024 at 60 Hz, single screen. What I expected where 1600x1200 at 85 Hz dual screen (Linux and W2K) and above. Several times, it took me hours trying to find an acceptable solution! Trying this and that, searching the Web backwards and forwards.
Hence, what shall I do with such a useless piece of rubbish? Experiments how well it may fly outside of my opened window? - Consequently, this was definitely my last Matrox card! Bye bye!
--- 14.01.2005: Computer Problems: I lost more than a week of my spare time after a single malfunction! It destroyed my drive C:\W2K system partition and my Linux root partition (Reiser!) as well. Disgusting!
Well, I'm taking this situation as the chance to make new and clean set-ups of my current and my backup computer and for both OS, Linux and W2K, as well including the upgrade of Suse Linux to 9.2. - Furthermore, I have to install and configure my new subnotebook. Bonstetten tour split: Taking the "Domestic Animals" out of the "Bonstetten - Nature" tour. Adding 18 images there. / 13 more Bonstetten wallpapers too. New tour again: Nürnberg plus new wallpapers for this tour. 33 More wallpapers of the nature around Bonstetten.
Minor bug fixes in the wallpaper query (with subject clause) and main program. New, sophisticated method for redirection after 404 errors of all wallpapers. New: >100 nature images in and around Bonstetten!
3.5.314.11.2004 7 new Bonstetten images. / 1 new wallpaper. / Program error404.php modified. More Improvements to the wallpaper framework: Fixing the IE-only bug related to the "Accept Terms of Use" button. / Make the overview page sensitive to the window width. Improvements to the wallpaper framework: New "Seach Text" input item. / Implement the "Terms of Use" related logic. / Update of the instructions. / Link from the tour information pages to the tour related wallpapers introduced. / 2 more WPs. New, large photo tour: Lake Turlersee plus 48 new wallpapers for this tour. Joining the web ring "Deutscher Webring fr Natur- und Landschaftsfotografie". 18 new wallpapers of the nature around Bonstetten (CH) plus 9 enhanced. Reimplementation of the whole wallpaper framework. Replacing the configuration file by a MySQL database. This is my first MySQL tryal! The new main page allows a sophisticated wallpaper selection now and is fully bilingual.
3.3.312.07.2004 9 new wallpapers of swans at the river Rhein near Kappel (D). 1 new wallpaper. Minor bug fixes and improvements.
--- Jetzt habe ich schon lange nichts mehr gehört von Herrn Ronny Görner (Sachsenprovider)! - Also scheinen wohl die freundlichen und klaren Worte meines Anwalts, Herrn Anselm Withöft (www.aufrecht.de), der mir sehr geholfen hat, letztendlich doch noch gefruchtet zu haben! Full implementation of the new site map, including sub maps. Starting directly with the photo index instead of the main index now in order to help Google fully to index my tour files. / Rebuilt the main indexes! Added the prototype of a site map.
3.2.504.07.2004 Fixing problems with Internet Explorer that don't appear with Mozilla in: start page, etc.
---25.06.2004 ====== My site is 3 years old! ======
3.2.423.06.2004 Enhanced version of the tour program 'information.php': Additional links at top right for easier navigation.
3.2.312.06.2004 Rewrite of the start page my-home-htm: Is PHP now and bilingual (English / German).
An update of my IT glossary link page.
Site size now: 308 MB, 3436 files and directories, more than 900 tour pages! 29 Wallpapers made of my Seychelles tour images, see below. My newest holiday tour: Seychelles: La Digue, etc. Beta version of a new, huge holiday tour: Seychelles
3.1.721.04.2004 Teil 2 des Erfahrungsberichts: Hosting bei Sachsenprovider - Kein Deal: 50 MB Webspace gegen Entfernung meines WHL-Kommentars!
3.1.620.04.2004 Minor bug fixes.
3.1.511.04.2004 Images of the Real Life of the Easter Bunny! plus 6 Easter Bunny's full-size backgrounds!
3.1.407.04.2004 Neu: Mein Ex-Webspace-Provider aus meiner alten Heimat, ein eher unerfreulicher Erfahrungsbericht.
3.1.306.04.2004 8 full-size background images taken at lake "Klingnauer Stausee" two weeks ago! - There will be much more soon!
---20.03.-06.04.2004: Still heavy HW problems! Bad blocks! Bought a new HD and reinstalled Linux and Windows several times.
Getting filesystem corruptions again and again that are killing my data and their backups at the 2nd HD.- Meanwile, I tried at least 30 reinstallatations and repair tries of Linux.
There might be a serious incompatibility between the SuSE Linux 9.0 software and my hardware. But, everything was fine with SuSE 8.1! Why?
---27.03.2004: The redirecting (code 301) of www.ora-00600.com to www.gerd-petzold.com is re-activated! Now, both domains are at Canhost. But now, it is just too late for Google as all of my www.ora-00600.com cached pages (more than 120) have been removed meanwhile! - However, you never know ... - At least, I can get the incoming emails of ora-00600.com again!
---23.03.2004: More space: Took the 1000 MByte package of Canhost now!
---21.-22.03.2004: Hurra?!? Herr Ronny Görner (Geschäftsfürer von Sachsen-Provider, http://www.sachsenprovider.de) gibt sogar seine Ex-Kunden nicht auf: "Wir sehen uns noch vor Gericht, Freundchen ..." - Oh, welch eine großartige Location, Ronny!
---21.-22.03.2004: My Domain www.ora-00600.com, which Mr. Görner of Sachsenprovider had set for deletion instead of agreeing my "KK-Antrag" (for my new provider), is available again as the redemption period is over now. - Hence, I re-registered it.
---16.03.2004: Never touch a running system! - But, I did and I got endless problems therefore! - I will create a new site release when my new hardware and software installation problems are solved finally! Reworked banner for my site:

1 more background image only because I started preparing the Seychelles tour, i.e., I scanned the 1st 100 slides! Redesigned start page. / 2 new background images. Program enhancements: Release 7.2 of the tour page program pg.php. / New: Preview program fsbg-pg.php for sreen-size images. / New: Operating instructions (in German language only) for the background images' pages.
3.0.715.02.2004 14 new Full-size Windows background images, which are made of the Golzern tour!
New site size: 203 MByte, 115 directories, 2513 files! - Got an absolutely great support of my new web space provider, Canhost.de, up to now!
---14.02.2004: Inzwischen stellte sich heraus, dass die Behauptung des Herrn Görner (Sachsen-Provider), nach der die Reaktivierung der Domain nicht möglich wäre, unzutreffend ist. - Nachdem ich jetzt jedoch abgelehnt habe, für die grobe Beseitigung des durch ihn angerichteten Schadens nun auch noch 240 US-Dollar zu bezahlen, hat er wiederum mir untersagt, "uns weiterhin per Email / Telefax / Telefon / Post zu BELÄSTIGEN".
---12.-13.02.2004: Herr Ronny Görner, Gesch�tsfhrer von meinem Ex-Provider Sachsenprovider Internet Services, weigert sich trotz wiederholter Aufforderung, meine Domain www.ora-00600.com zu reaktivieren: "Ich sehe es nicht ein, Domains zu meinen Lasten wegen Ihrer zu erwartenden Nichtzahlung zu verlängern. ..." Stattdessen droht er mir wiederholt mit seinen Anwälten: "... und lasse nun durch meine Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Strafanzeige stellen."
---11.02.2004: Ex-Provider-Rache? Mein bisheriger Webspace Provider Sachsenprovider Internet Services hat plötzlich eine "Gefahr" gespürt, dass ich (vielleicht) "Leistungen nicht zahlen" würde. - War denn mein fristgemäßer Umstiegswunsch (2 Wochen auf Ende des Monats laut 12 der AGB's von Sachsenprovider) auf ein kleineres Hosting-Paket jenseits des zumutbaren fü Herrn Ronny Görner? - Jedenfalls hat Herr Görner daraufhin alle meine Accounts (Web, Email, etc.) fristlos gekündigt und gelöscht.
Auch meine bisherige Domain www.ora-00600.com wurde durch ihn unverzüglich zur Löschung freigegeben.
Somit funktioniert auch meine Umlenkung via Code 301 vom 08.02.2004 nicht mehr! Auch alle E-Mails "@ora-00600.com" gehen ab sofort verloren!
3.0.608.02.2004 2 more background images / Update report: W�me-verursachte Hardware-/Software-Probleme (German language only)
---08.02.2004: Redirecting of "http://www.ora-00600.com/p/" to "http://www.gerd-petzold.com/p/" using code 301.
3.0.501.02.2004 Just 5 more background images! / Report: W�me-verursachte Hardware-/Software-Probleme (German language only)
3.0.425.01.2004 Just one more background image and testing! Using 167 MByte recently.
3.0.318.01.2004 New Tour: My Christmas Evening walk southern of Bonstetten.
Finishing the Pilatus tour. / Miscellaneous beauty repairs. More Full-size Windows background images again! A Christmas walking southern of Bonstetten! More Full-size Windows background images once more! All resolutions now! My site is completely mirrowed to my new CANHOST domain http://www.gerd-petzold.com now! - Here, I can grow using much more webspace, i.e., 250 MB instead of 100 MB only - for half of the costs! Furthermore, the performance is much better than it was with Sachsenprovider!
And what an absolutely great support I can get now!
---11.01.2004: The final version at http://www.ora-00600.com for now! - With other words, I was looking for more web space and found a great new provider: CANHOST
Hence, I have mirrowed all contents (136 MByte, 111 directories, 2311 files) to the new http://www.gerd-petzold.com that will be the new master site from now on! - That means, that the old http://www.ora-00600.com is frozen but will be reused later!
2.6.303.01.2004 More "Full-size Windows background images" again! More new "Full-size Windows background images"! New layout and program for the Full-size Windows background images (beta version). New 2003 tour: Pilatus (CH) (beta version).
2.5.507.12.2003 Bonstetten's Christmas Tree in 2003.
2.5.430.11.2003 A review (draft) of my CPU temperature caused hardware problems of the previous months (in German language!).
2.5.316.11.2003 More full-size Windows background images now. Shots of the total lunar eclipse, Nov. 2003. /
New 2003 tour: Titlis (CH). New 2003 tour: Animal park in Goldau (CH). /
Closing the "Isle of Bliss" for a couple of reasons.
---25.10.2003: The bloody computer problems don't want to find any end! Once the hardware failures are solved, it's the software now. I installed an application program whose web update damaged my Windows 2K. In order to repair this, I used a reicent Norton Ghost image that contains the drives C:\ and E:\ (partitions 1 and 2) of my 1st HD. The Windows 2K recovery was okay, but.
The Ghost program removed my really essential logical drives F:\, G:\ and H:\, where I stored nearly 100 GByte of my personal application data, without any comprehensible warning in advance! What a shock!
I put a support request at the Symantec web site, got a notice of arrival but no answer until now. And I do not want to pay 29 Euro in order to tell them only, what's wrong with their program and how it should be enhanced!
At least, I found a set of relatively new Linux tar files at my 2nd HD. Using this backups, I was able to restore more than 95 % of my data ..........
---05.10.2003: Heavy computer problems again and again for months. Found out the reason now: Digitec (see also below) took the CPU fan of my 1.9 GHz Pentium 4 and put it onto the new 3.06 GHz Pentium 4 too in May.
Therefore, the computer works well up to a certain level of CPU load. But, I cannot run Norton Ghost and other DOS-like programs as the computer switches off within two minutes (differs) when the CPU temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius, which is too much anyway. Other symptoms are unexpeceted rebooting and various different nogo problems at Windows startup time. (I used the Windows repair installation function a lot of times during the last weeks!) - Furthermore, Photoshop crashed a lot of times or certain functions switched off or rebooted the computer. The Windows event log told some times about bug checks and disk problems.
The difficulty was that you cannot see the temperature problem in the BIOS health status easily because the average temperature is 66 Celsius only when running in BIOS for a moment or longer. In summary, most failures look like disk problems. However, some WD HD test program runs told me that the HD must be okay. - A virus? Probably not. There are a lot of reasons why not. - A RAM problem? The RAM test (2 hours for 1 run) results that all is okay.
Finally, I think I should start by solving the CPU heat problem. Therefore, I have ordered another CPU cooler today. Full-size background images: All moved to my 2nd site Gerds-2nd-Site in order to save space here. There, I can use up to 50 MByte for this purpose.
2.4.410.09.2003 New 2003 tour: Luzern.
2.4.303.09.2003 New tour: Caves Höllgrotten Baar /
New banner: If somebody wants to link my site, he/she could use my banner from now on. Internal issues: Splitting the local tour portal into Switzerland and Germany. - New: tour-portal.php; enhanced: overview.php, information.php, pg.php. - Enhanced .htaccess usage. Internal issues: Prepare to split the local tour portal. New chapter of the Photo Gallery "Full-size window background images" added. / New tour: My 2003 visit of the Gorlitz animal park, Tierpark Görlitz
2.3.617.07.2003 Just two more Dittelsdorf images: Wuffi dog the cat hunter.
2.3.513.07.2003 New photo links in the Darkroom chapture. / Corrected: Image names of the Wildpark Langenberg tour.
2.3.409.07.2003 Adding 10 photographies of birds to the Dittelsdorf images. / Adding a self-made swallow animation (of 8 photos) to the Specials' photo corner.
2.3.329.06.2003 Just adding 4 new Bonstetten images.
---23.06.2003 A lot of problems related to site down times again: nearly 40 hours offline. Last major problems were one week ago! - Do I need a new hosting partner or will Sachsenprovider improve? Fixing the same kind of issues for the vacation tours too. Fixing bugs (window close issue, referring from search engine) and mad features in the walking tour section. / Hiding PHP pages, part 2. / Re-publishing the Gottschalkenberg tour (new image names). Visit of my place of birth, Dittelsdorf, added.
---12.06.2003 A lot of Sachsenprovider sites have been hacked, including my site of course. After, I had to upload all index files of all directories again as there is no valid backup at my provider's hosts.
2.2.303.06.2003 Internal modifications. Need "static" instead of "dynamic" pages because Google seems to have serious problems to follow links that are defined in dynamic (PHP) pages. (This issue seams to be new for whatever reason.) New: About the author, a funny intro.
Recent size of my site: 1589 files @ 55 MByte.
Need to implement an own counter as the BCS counter seams to be disabled forever. Last count: 6617 New holiday tour added: Santorini. Added: A new group of seamless tiles that are based on a maple leaf flatbed scan. It uses a much more sophisticated method than my earlier textures. Additionally, the tile display page has been improved.
---16.05.2003 I'm back after heavy computer problems! Finally, I decided to put in new mainboard and CPU in. And this took much longer than needed because of the unusual work of Digitec in Zurich, who I assigned to repair my computer (for the last time). But at the end, I had to do most of the work myself! IT Corner: New: Setting helper applications for the Mozilla browser. First Linux upload! Using kate & kbear recently!
Minor tag corrections in the tour section. / IT Corner rework started.
2.0.508.03.2003 Last Frontpage use for file upload! - This tool caused too often problems there and introduced automatically unwanted code changes, including bugs (broken links, etc.)! // Moving to SuSE Linux 8.1 now! Goodbye Windows!
2.0.406.03.2003 Test only. - Had havy upload problems during last 10 days!
2.0.323.02.2003 New in "Isle of Bliss": Dictating Goethe texts using PowerDictate 2002. Improved: "Gerd's CD list". Detail updates of various pages. Automatic tour show introduced for the holiday tours too. Problem fixing. / IT glossary page updated. / Site startup tuning.
2.0.0 �/td>02.02.2003 New: Automatic (time controlled) tour show for the local tours (Beta version). / Portal tuning. Corrected: Target frame settings for JS=off.
1.9.630.01.2003 Cleaning up default parameter handling in the tour pages.
1.9.526.01.2003 New: Full bilingual support (by program) of the local tour's information pages. English texts added for the following tours: Rapperswil. / Copied to new tour programs to the vacation portal too. /
Improved anti-smoking page.
1.9.419.01.2003 Split the start page and updated the new pages.
1.9.312.01.2003 Cookie problem fixed in the local hikes. But, found major frame set-up problems. (But, seems to be an Mozilla bug.) Internal detail enhancements. Improved bilingual support in the local tours. English operating instruction added. Further detail enhancements. A workaround in the Seamless Tiles (internal) for a bloody bug of Netscape 4.x (in JavaScript), i.e., I got an unreasoned 404 error in the text samples. Reason: The browser has problems with relative paths starting with "../../", even when they are in the arguments! A first step (in the local hikes portal) in order to make the tour pages bilingual.
1.8.726.12.2002 Enhancements in the "Seamless Tiles framework", part II.
1.8.622.12.2002 Enhancements in the "Seamless Tiles framework", but not yet finished.
1.8.515.12.2002 Detail changes for the Mozilla 1.x browser in the "Local Hikes".
1.8.412.12.2002 Bonstetten Christmas tree in 2002.
1.8.310.12.2002 Redesign of the 'External Seamless Tiles' test tool. It is more powerful now. Redesign of the holiday tours' portal too. Modification of the tour operating instruction. / Moving most of the program directories, which is important for future needs! Redesign of the local tours' information pages. Modification of the tour operating instruction. / Some little optimizations for Mozilla started, i.e., shortcut icon, etc. It is feasible to customize the walking tour pages using 16 different settings now! Modified tour handling instruction.
1.7.617.11.2002 New Bonstetten images.
1.7.510.11.2002 IT FAQs added. / Update the tour usage. / Update the emergency numbers. / Detail fixes.
1.7.403.11.2002 Update the usage page. / Some fixes for the Mozilla browser.
1.7.326.10.2002 The tour page's layout can be modified by the users now (in the walking tours! Added: First version of the Golzern (Maderanertal) local tour. 85 pages! Announcement of the Golzern (Maderanertal) local tour New (re-created) local tour: "Wildpark Langenberg": Wild animals
1.6.915.09.2002 Added in Isle of Bliss: "Stimme der Nacht"
1.6.809.09.2002 Added: Bonstetten (CH) page with Aeberlihuus image.
1.6.708.09.2002 Adding a short information page to the following tours: Trlersee, Wildpark Langenberg, Vierwaldst�ter See, Gottschalkenberg, Rheinfall, Rigi, Rapperswil, Baldeneysee, Nrnberg.
1.6.606.09.2002 Porting the remaining tour pages to PHP4 and added the pre-load functionality! Enable the overview for an optional information page.
1.6.502.09.2002 Porting the holiday tour pages to PHP4. Spent more than 20 hours of work! But, there is still no pre-load functionality in! - Furthermore, I changed the overview hrefs in order to point to the new PHP4 universal program.
1.6.426.08.2002 Using PHP4 for all tour's overview from tour main page!
1.6.325.08.2002 Adding a page with links to friends. / Internal improvements in the index frame (a little faster and layout details). / Trying out PHP4 (reading configuration from file) with the Gottschalkenberg tour overview. Major enhancements of the seamless tile pages. Added one page for external! images. Enhanced PHP coding in the seamless tiles! Added more than 30 new tiles. First PHP coding trials in the seamless tiles! More seamless tiles added. / Detail enhancements.
1.5.726.07.2002 New tour "Gottschalkenberg" added.
1.5.621.07.2002 Add more "Seamless Tiles". Detail improvements.
1.5.507.07.2002 Add two special swan "Seamless Tiles" and a large swan in the "Specials".
1.5.406.07.2002 Add a main page for the "Seamless Tiles" and the "Specials" in the "Darkroom" section. / Put two Wuffi dog seamless images.
1.5.330.06.2002 The Rheinfall tour has been rescanned using my new Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED! New Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED is arrived! Upload a special prepared photo (church). Two more seamless screen backgrounds (dog). Add some more Acer ScanWit 2740S pages. Update my CD list. Open the new Darkroom section. Put the new Acer ScanWit 2740S scan speed page there.
1.4.606.06.2002 Seamless background photos: Adding a HTML page for comfort.
1.4.502.06.2002 New section created: Seamless background photos. Starting with 43 Kenya pictures.
1.4.420.05.2002 A lot of internal works in the "Darkroom" related to gamma issues. Linking this new section into my private area.
1.4.301.05.2002 Internal works in the darkroom, i.e., workflow comparization. New at start page: Personal information: Me(n) at work while monitoring & BMC Monitoring results. Trying new tour template version 4.6 (both). Trying the new tour template version 4.5 (overview 4.3). / Speeding up the "Offers & Purchases" start page (i.e., the banana page). / New IT FAQs.
1.3.1415.04.2002 Detail enhancements.
1.3.1314.04.2002 Trying some tour design changes in the Luzern tour ...
1.3.1203.04.2002 Adding the lost Luzern image of yesterday.
1.3.1102.04.2002 Adding the Luzern tour (5 images thereby 1 still missing).
1.3.1001.04.2002 And once more, design enhancements ...
1.3.931.03.2002 Once more, design enhancements: Sensitive index and some new headers.
1.3.830.03.2002 Announce the Luzern tour and Easter greetings. Minor design enhancements.
1.3.724.03.2002 And more design enhancements and speeding up pages ...
1.3.623.03.2002 Added general hints to the beans page. / Continued detail layout enhancements.
1.3.520.03.2002 More detail layout enhancements.
1.3.419.03.2002 Modifying the main navigation once more in order to reduce the speed loss.
1.3.318.03.2002 Enhancing the beans image and "add" the missing bean. Enhancing the foot index. Introducing a lot of 3D Hover Buttons for the main navigation and enhance my banana page. Try to correct single configuration failures in the speeded Kenya tour. All tours rebuilt, using slidegen.unix.sh release 3.4 and template group(!) 4.3 now. Got all tours speeded up. Especially the Kenya tour, which was based on an older piece of code! - Now I can generate all series without any exception pages, i.e., without manual effort for re-coding tour HTMLs! - Time to grow now!!
1.2.607.03.2002 Trying out a replacement of my "T O N" buttons in my tour pages! Thanks to Gismo for his helpful font!
1.2.505.03.2002 Baldeneysee tour finished.
1.2.404.03.2002 New tour Baldeneysee (first version). Some frame headers enhanced.
1.2.303.03.2002 New: The "Offers & Purchases" start page. All banana? / Rigi tour thumbnails updated. Baldeneysee tour images prepared. / Trying out hover buttons in the tour main pages and the index foot. Just a little fixing, i.e., the beans image and speeding up the Rheinfall tour. New: Gerd purchases Beans at COOP. / New: Entrust your money to me! / New: "Meine Erkenntnis des Monats". New hosting. URL: www.ora-0600.com
Speed up most of the tour pages (except Kenya, Rheinfall) by introducing JavaScript usage, i.e., using the tour template release 4.0 with slidegen.unix.sh release 2.8. Tour operating instructions and "Page Usage" modified too.
1.1.712.02.2002 More preparations for the new hosting ...
1.1.611.02.2002 Publish the new URL. Plus a bug fix in my private area (CD list).
1.1.510.02.2002 Preliminary announcement for my own domain and new hosting only.
1.1.423.01.2002 Applying the new page style for the second part of the Kenya tour too.
1.1.320.01.2002 Instruction "Bedienungsanleitung" renewed for Holiday Tours and for Walking Tours as well. Further applying works related to the new tour template. Shortened the Rigi tour. Trying the new tour template release 3.0 and slidegen.unix.sh release 2.6 in the Rheinfall local tour. Adding an overview there. Applying it to the Trlersee and Rigi tour too. Updating the German Tour Operating Instruction. Style changes. Gray background image of http://www.ip.pt/webground used for frames and tour pages. 3D-fonts via Herbert http://www.maennerseiten.de. New tour layout for the Rapperswil tour as prototype.
1.0.730.12.2001 Minor changes. Frame background color changed to a gray tone. / Trying my 2nd network card and the Navigator 4.78 (instead of 4.73) as well.
1.0.629.12.2001 One more release especially for the silly Netscape 6.2.1 browser. I had to change hundreds of file names, i.e.., "��,�quot; => "ae,oe,ue,ss". How demanding and interesting!
1.0.528.12.2001 Found out the Netscape 6.2 file name problem. - Changing tours later on.
1.0.427.12.2001 Rapperswil walking tour added.
1.0.326.12.2001 First Australia picture added. First Rapperswil sea walk preparations. Minor issues. Internal tests because of changes in my development environment. Computer news updated. Computer news. Kenya tour slides completed.
0.9.917.12.2001 More Kenya tour enhancements. But, missing my own deadline! Too much work ...
0.9.812.12.2001 Detail enhancements in the Kenya tour. First hand-made HTML's added.
0.9.711.12.2001 Partly redesign of the "Walking Tours" and the "Holiday Tours" main page. Adding an overview to two walking tours, which works well now. Kenya re-generated, with slidegen.unix.sh release 2.2 and lightly enhanced templates. More photos uploaded. Fixing the holiday tour frame bug and switching over to the new setting for the Kenya tour (only). Adding a tour usage.
0.9.605.12.2001 Next part of the Kenya tour. Additionally, trying a generated overview page which has been generated with slidegen.unix.sh release 2.1.
0.9.503.12.2001 First part / experimental tries for the new Kenya tour. - Very heavy works up to here!
0.9.413.11.2001 Rigi tour renewed.
0.9.312.11.2001 Minor Issues. One day delay for the new Rigi tour caused by the new monitor. A bit of New Zealand, a quick'n dirty start of my holiday series.
Detail enhancements. / Internal preparations for renewed "Rigi" tour. Modified and extended tour "Rheinfall". New tour "Around the Trlersee in spring 2000".
0.8.806.11.2001 Second part of modifications in the "Wildpark Langenberg" local tour.
0.8.705.11.2001 The new film scanner has arrived! First usage in the "Wildpark Langenberg" local tour.
0.8.628.10.2001 IT FAQ (Word: How to use hyperlinks and bookmarks.)
0.8.521.10.2001 Minor issues. IT FAQ.
0.8.414.10.2001 Minor enhancements only.
0.8.307.10.2001 Make table backgrounds faster. - IT FAQ. / More MS spelling fun. / Detail enhancements. Bookmark page updated. /  MS again and again helps me spelling. - Very useful.  / Minor corrections in the pictures: template release 2.5, slidegen.unix.sh release 1.7. New template (rel. 2.3, slidegen.unix.sh rel. 1.6). Additional preparations for the tour slides. Tour overview pages enhanced. / More IT Internet FAQs. / Introducing transparent GIFs for distance holders and color-16 GIFs for table or cell backgrounds. Introducing 3D headers. Design improvements. / Directory structure modified once more.
0.7.423.09.2001 More design enhancement for the walking / holiday tour overview window and the template. It was fine with IE, but the Netscape!
Additional IT glossaries added. IT FAQ changes for the browser issues.
Getting crazy because of the evil dependencies between bugs in FrontPage, IE and Netscape.
0.7.319.09.2001 Once more enhanced: HTML template release 2.2 and slidegen.unix.sh release 1.4. Trying modified slide HTML template release 2.1 and slidegen.unix.sh release 1.3. Apply the new-developed HTML template (release 2.0) to the existing example slide series. Various design improvements. Take a lot of care on Internet Explorer and bloody 1024 screen resolution. Additional IT FAQs.
0.6.1015.09.2001 IT FAQ: FrontPage is always a fine subject for describing workarounds for bugs! / Have redesigned the start page. (I'm not yet happy with the result.)
0.6.915.09.2001 The problem below was caused by MS FrontPage 4.0.2. while I renamed some of the directories. During this, FrontPage 4.0.2 has corrupted a lot of links inside my files.
One of the issues is that Microsoft does not take care about upper and lower case characters.
0.6.811.09.2001 Directory structure modified once more. - Published at 14.09. because Sunrise had switched all homepages to read-only for a couple of days. => Getting new technical problems while publishing ...
0.6.709.09.2001 Some more IT FAQ.
0.6.602.09.2001 Unbelievable: I'm still waiting for the slide scanner! - Made just several minor changes in: Start page, IT FAQ's, Emergency Numbers, CD List
0.6.519.08.2001 Added to the IT corner: One more glossary. /  The Unix backspace keystroke problem in command line. / The Unix upper & lower case problem./ The MS Word "8i" & "9i" problem.
0.6.413.08.2001 Next and hopefully final attempt to generate the HTML files for my scanned slides, release 1.2. Now, I'm satisfied with the result for the moment. - I need more scans now!
0.6.312.08.2001 Added: A true story about Netscape's browser. I tried the release 1.1 HTML template and slidegen.unix.sh for the COOP tour. - It's better, but I will improve it to the 1.2 release next week! I'm not yet satisfied with the alignment, alternative texts, links at beginning and end of the tour. First time, the wrapper HTML of the tours has been generated by a Unix shell script (slidegen.unix.sh). It seams to be very useful but needs still to be improved in detail. Heavy re-design of the internal frame structure in order to make the page headers more flexible.
New: Acknowledgements page. Introduce re-built buttons for the walking tours. Partly re-design of the example tour and the template again.
0.5.602.08.2001 Markus is back from holidays. I asked for the "bubbles", it's too easy .... / Design modifications in my example walking tour.
0.5.501.08.2001 A new IT FAQ entry. Further minor contents enhancements and corrections.
0.5.431.07.2001 Have opened the "Oh Happy Day" corner. / ADAC sub page added. 1st Coop Tour description added.
0.5.330.07.2001 None-published version because of Sunrise's heavy technical problems. A bit of IT (ASCII table). Trying new colors, i.e., it can only become better. Trouble with FrontPage and Netscape bugs as well. But I got a new FAQ entry for this issue, ;-)) A little help for FrontPage users. - Is this a start point of real contents of my page? / Usage of a new-created background picture. Further detail enhancements. All files have been imported to FrontPage in order to let the tool do more for me! Publish via FrontPage too. - Detail enhancements in various pages.
---28.07.2001 I got my "high speed" access (down 256 K / up 64 K) to the Internet this week ...!
0.4.323.07.2001 First real walking tour added. Thanks to my friend J�g for his scans of my slides! Save KB's in the picture files AND improve their quality. Add the how-to-use page. Some more works at the tour template. Take more care on 1024x768 resolution screens, i.e., use a bit less in height and a bit more in width. Further detail corrections. Heavy design improvements. Take care about save 216 Internet colors for frame. Backgrounds added. / A lot of new pages (for instance this page) and other enhanced contents. Consists of 62 files now!
0.3.613.07.2001 Detail layout enhancements. Added a simple framework for the "Walking" and "holiday" tours.
0.3.408.07.2001 Install an access counter. Contents added. Frames heavily redesigned. Moved development from Composer to FrontPage. About 40 files now.
0.2.0??.06.2001 First frame-based version. / More than one dozen files. Mr. Gerd Petzold follows a crazy idea: To create an own home page. - Initial version: A simple test how to upload two files (1 HTML with 1 image)