Operating Instructions

Default Layout

It is feasible to customize the layout of the tour pages appropriate to own wishes. The default settings at the first tour portal startup are: The tour headline is switched on, the thumbnails sit below the main picture and an optimized second window is opened during the tour.

At first, it is possible to change the thumbnail position in relation to the main picture. Furthermore, the tour heading can be switched off. Similarly, it is possible to control the window setup of the tour pages.

That means, an additional window is automatically opened per default after the start of a tour. This is optimized for the presentation of the tour pages, i.e., all unneeded window components are disabled. The available screen space is best possible used consequently. - A still better page layout is guaranteed when the user sets the "full screen" mode for this new window. Using Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 7 and IE 5.x or higher, this can be done via the F11 key normally. But, Netscape 4.x does still not know any full screen mode unfortunately.

Customize the Tour Page's Screen Layout

The shown default window setting does best fit to common needs. Also, the automatically opened window is closed by itself at tour end or abort. However, if any user may feel queasy with this procedure, he can select one of the other modes where he retains more "control" over the browser windows.
Furthermore, some Internet Explorer versions (for instance IE 5.5) have a bug. Their problem is a wrong display in the full screen mode when it is switched on from a function reduced window. In such a case, it will help to select "new, normal" in order to switch into the full screen mode later on.

All settings have to be done via radio buttons in the upper part of the tour portal. The changes become immediately active.
When JavaScript might be switched off however, the adjusted choices will partly work only and there is a need of a manual validation then.

Thus, the shown settings do indirectly allow further optimization for small screens too. More information about appropriate screen resolutions are available at Usage of Petzi's Site.

Start a Tour

A particular tour starts at its beginning by mouse click at the dedicated picture of the tour portal and by clicking the link Start respectively.

Alternative 1: The tour can also be started by its particular tour overview. In doing so, the adventure is that the entry point to the tour can be freely chosen there.
Notice: The download of the overview page by a normal analog modem may need certain length of time! Approximately 1 second per thumbnail must be scheduled at 56.6 Kbit/sec as there are 6 KB needed per thumbnail (including HTML code).

Alternative 2: The information page provides another facility in order to start a tour from its first page. This is by clicking at the  => Next Image! symbol next to the thumbnail or by clicking at the picture itself.

Tour internal Navigation

Although the browser back button (and the appropriate menu below the right mouse key as well) keeps its standard functionality, it is completely obsolete within my site. With other words, all navigation can optimal be done by my explicitly implemented functionality.

Within the recent tour, navigation is feasible by mouse click at the symbols as at the pictures as well. That means, that the preferable click at the  => Next Image! symbol leads to the next slide. The same is valid for the current main picture and for the second thumbnail too.

In addition, one or two pictures can be skipped by clicking the third respective fourth thumbnail in the preview area. Furthermore, it is possible to go one picture backward by clicking the first thumbnail.

Beyond of this, it is feasible to go to the tour overview via clicking the  Overview symbol. Being there, the tour can be continued from a random position. Pure flexibility!

Finally, a tour drop out and return to the portal is always feasible via the  Tour Portal symbol. This includes closing a foregoing opened second window on need by the program.

Timed Automatic

In addition to and independant of the just defined navigation functions, it is feasable to full automatically display progressional tour pages. That means, the pages are shown time controlled then.

The check box "Automatic Mode: on" in the portal page must be activated therefore. The display duration is set by the subsequent text item "sec. / pict." then. Values between 10 and 9999 seconds are accepted by the program thereby.

Tour & Picture Information

Information to the whole tour is available from in the overview page via the  Information! symbol and from the appropriate tour section of the portal page via the text link Info respectively.

Within the tour, collateral information to the current picture might be made available by the optional  Information! symbol. Thereby, very short information is displayed as alternative text to the symbol but larger information is at its own page.

Return to Petzi's Start Page

By clicking the  Petzi's Home symbol, which is accessible from the tour portal, the tour overview and the information pages, the reactivation of the normal frame of Petzi's Site, could be done on need.

The possible automatically opened second window is closed by the program on tour end or abort.

JavaScript / Cookies

JavaScript is needed for instance in order to preload images of subsequent tour pages. Doing so, the modem utilizes its "spare time" while the recent page is gazed. This helps to make download waiting time less noticable.
However, in very rare cases the browser might get a malfunction, i.e., this might lead to a "broken image" or an unicoloured background. Then, a simple refresh using the appropriate browser button should solve the problem.

The site does no more use any cookie.

Much fun while visiting my pictures!

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