Photo tour: Hike along Lake Zurisee near Rapperswil

Walking Tour with Oli & Susi
at a January evening in 2001

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Tour Description

Rapperswil, which has a moved history, is an old lovely town at the eastern side of lake Zurisee. It is 30 km away of Zurich approximately, in the near of the sea dam, which separates the main part of lake Zurisee from the upper lake. There are enough parking places available (for a fee).

In no way, a visit of this town should be missed. Especially, it is recommended to have a walk to the castle. Of course, it's possible to take delicious meals in Rapperswil too. Should there be any spare time after, a hike could be done along the waterside. (It's a pity, that the lake Zurisee is blocked in many places.) The photographies of this serial are taken during such a walking tour.

Finally, it should be told that Rapperswil is a fine starting place of a ship trip across both parts of lake Zurisee. Even, it is feasable to arrive from Zurich by ship.

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