IT Glossaries & Abbreviations (Acronyms) & more

Computer, glossaryEngl. Very good, but not fast.
Computer, glossaryGerm. Commando GmbH Fast, but only 1073(+) items.
IT glossaryGerm. In German language!
Oracle OTN,
RDBMS glossary
Engl. Oracle 9i Release 2
Database Master Glossary
Database terms. Very good and complex.
Searches across glossariesEngl. Google Glossary Normal part of Google now!
Just prefix "define: "!
Computer, abbreviationsGerm. IT Abkürzungen  Uni Karlsruhe Relatively large (>200 K) and good.
Computer, abbreviationsGerm. Informatik-Abkürzungen - Tobias Brinkert Fast, >2100 entries.
Germ. Abkürzungen, Emoticons, Internetkürzel, etc.   In order to find out what  :-&  should mean.
LEO's computer glossary collectionEngl./
Nachschlagewerke & Abkürzungs- Verzeichnisse, etc. Links to further glossaries and abbreviations, etc.
Hyper dictionaryEngl. Online dictionary - The English dictionary is very useful.
WIKPEDIA - Die freie Enzyklopädie
WIKPEDIA - The Free Encyclopedia
A must! Multi-lingual.
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